Our Vision

"It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

Our Mission


"Education is the most powerful tool to change the world"
-Nelson Mandela

To provide education for all the poor, underprivileged, and single-parent students who find it difficult to pay their school or college fees. We will be providing free scholarships to them by paying their school or college fees by considering their family situation. Currently, we are giving such scholarships to students, and they will be taken into consideration and provided fee scholarships around Tamil Nadu.


"The only way forward for the future is, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved."
-Richard Rogers

We continuously work with students, meme creators, and youngsters and host a flagship event called “Maramum Maatramum," where we plant trees with students, youngsters, and meme creators around Tamil Nadu. Together to bring environmental awareness among people, which will encourage school and college students to plant trees in their surroundings. We have the vision to plant saplings in almost all districts of Tamil Nadu. Due to COVID the same has been halted in 3 districts including Trichy, Chennai & Cuddalore. We have kick-started the journey of planting trees again after post-COVID.

Skill development

"In decades, India will need 300 to 500 million employable skilled youth and there is a need to completely change the university education syllabus and secondary school education syllabus. Two certificates should be given to students. In schools, one skill certificate and one education certificate and in college, degree and diploma on the expertise acquired. In schools from classes 9 to 12, 25 per cent of the time has to be allotted for skill development programme"
-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

As an initiative for skill development we used to host a program called "Karka kasadara" for underprivileged students of in and around Tamilnadu, which encourages all such students to go to school without a gap in studies & also to develop individual skills. Currently, we have kicked started in Chengalpetattu and a few more other districts of Tamil Nadu, where we provide skilled education for government school students and government-aided school students, which will be equal to public school education models and private schools. We wanted to educate them and improve their skills in different areas like intelligence, confidence, public speaking, and a few more areas. We also develop their artistry skills, and craftsman skills, and also encourage them to become small-scale entrepreneurs by teaching cake making, desserts, and other skills to complement their home-cooked foods, like preparing desserts and homemade ornaments. We also provide a platform for them to market themselves and sell their products and services on our trusted Instagram and Facebook pages.

Our Team


Thamizh Selvan G

Founder/Managing Trustee

As a Soft skills Trainer & a passionate social worker/ activist who is also working as a Skill Development Trainer in Schools, Colleges, and Corporate companies with a huge vision to bring changes within the student education in Tamilnadu. He is also working with Vision India Movement to bring skill development to different sectors.




As an Engineer & logistics leader, he is having a great vision to help people every day without hesitation. Majorly in the areas of improvement like Educating the Transgenders & providing them right feedback for their society upliftment along with the change of lifestyle. He is also managing all the events & programs like Maramum Maatramum, Karka Kasadara where he manages teams.


Dr. D. Prabakaran


As a Doctor & philanthropist, he is having a large vision to educate the poor students also to support the underprivileged village students as well. He is very keen to work with people of different regions to inspire them to become what they dream to be in the future.

Our Secretaries


Sowmya Suresh


As a Teacher/ Academician & a passionate social worker, she is working with many school students from primary level to senior level in terms of improving their potential towards the career path & their own life goals. She always believes that the right skills bring the right achievement in every individual's life.



Student Secretary

As a student coordinator & an engineer, he strongly believes that people skills bring every impossible to be as possible when we work as a team. He is also contributing to society by bringing the right students from the colleges to social work & to work with every common people that we meet.


S. Neethi Kuthciya


As a Science graduate & enthusiastic person, she strongly believes younger generation kids need to be guided from small age not only with education also with all kind of sports activities & special talents like dancing, singing, etc., as well. She loves to identify students with special talents & teach them different skills.




As an Engineer & a corporate employee, he brings more people together on social media for better visibility which will benefit many of the student's education at the ground level. He is much more interested to bring students towards media & the required skills which will be admired by senior-level students.




As an IT employee, he always loves to spend his leisure time by helping/ educating the village students from different places & around. He also brings more connection within the corporate companies towards helping the students who are really in need of different educational supports.


Krishna Kishore

Student Secretary

As a student coordinator & a civil service aspirant, he brings everyone towards the team which helps in building social skills that help to build a community as well. He also inspires his friends to join social work as an individual for every activity we do.




As a Teacher/ Academician & a passionate social worker, she is working with many school students to bring them to be skilled students in all the sectors. She strongly believes by guiding the small children with a perfect story along with morals & message will bring them the right person in the future.



Raj Mohan

YouTuber & Social Media Influencer

May your dreams come true!



I have been invited to many events, but this is the great & meaningful one! Thank you!

RJ Raghavi


A very hearty congratulations for this initiative. Keep Rocking "MEME CREATORS". With love and huge respect



Keep doing the good work. All the best.