Team of Volunteers from different NGOs December 2020
Activity-1 December 2020

Starting from 9th December, for a week, in collaboration with Sugandham foundation, Mei Ara kattalai, Kalanjiyam Ara kattali, our team Simple Trust collected Bed sheets, old clothes and snacks from the people of Chennai. They travelled to Cuddalore and distributed the collected goods to people of Keelavaniyur Village near Sethiyathope, Cuddalore.

Children from TS Petai village during the distribution of Provisions December 2020
Activity-2 December 2020

As a part of flood relief activity on 10th December, Provisions were packed in Mr.Dinesh’s house by volunteers from St.Josephs Arts and Science college, CK college of Engineering Periyar Arts and Science college, Presidency College and few working firms and dispatched them for distribution in various villages.

Blood Donation December 2020
Activity-3 December 2020

On 9th December , as soon as returning from relief works, Mr.Thamizh donated blood (one unit) to a Cancer patient at Krishna Hospital, Cuddalore.

Our team with people of Kanangudi December 2020
Activity-4 December 2020

District of Cuddalore faced heavy floods due to Cyclone Burevi. As part disaster relief, our volunteers 1. Priyanka 2. Santhiya 3. Dilip 4. Dhinesh (transportation) 5. Thamizh reached the people of Kanangudi village populating around 100 on December 8th and provided them with provisions like Rice, dhal, etc

Mr.Maheshwaran and Mr.Thamizh distributing food to the people of Peerkankaranai camp November 2020
Activity-1 November 2020

On November 27th, we provided food (sambhar rice), snacks (biscuits and rusk) and water to about 50 members residing in camp of Government high school, Peerkankaaranai.

Distribution of Snacks to the people residing in Mudichur Camps November 2020
Activity-2 November 2020

Some people were arranged to stay at TMG College of Arts and Science, Mudichur due to Nivar flood. Those people were fed with snacks (biscuits, bread, etc) and water by our volunteers Mr.Thamizh and Mr.Purushoth on 26th November 2020

Cyclone Visit November 2020
Activity-3 November 2020

The month of November was faced with so many cyclones. Cyclone Nivar brought heavy rains to the Chennai and its surrounding areas. Our volunteers Mr.Krishnaraj, Mr.Thamizh and Mr.Purushothaman went on for a field assessment to figure out the damage in low level areas. The area of Perungulathur , especially near lake was completely flooded and our people volunteered in shifting those people to the Camp set up at Government School, Peerkankaaranai. Mr.Maheshwaran, a localite helped our team in the transfer.

Our Volunteers doing the maintenance work for the plants planted during last year’s Maramum Matramum 2.0 event. September 2020
Activity-1 September 2020

“Digging hole and Planting a tree does not mean that tree has survived.” One should always nurture and make them survive. In the year of 2019, September 23rd, Maramum Matramum 2.0, a tree planting event was conducted by our team. Almost after a year, in spite of Corona Lockdown on September 26th 2020, our volunteers Mr.Thamizh and Mr.Gunalan volunteered in cleaning ,rearranging, and paving way between the plants (complete maintenance) they planted last year near Kaligi renganadhan Matric school, Koratoor, Chennai.

Food provided to the people residing under bridges and roadsides September 2020
Activity-2 September 2020

Our volunteers Thamizh selvan and Tamil selvan continued distribution of food to the 100 needies in the final week of August along the roads of Tambaram and chrompet.

Our volunteers distributing food to the people who were stuck in Chennai due to lockdown August 2020
Activity-1 August 2020

In August third week, food and water were distributed to roadside people residing along Tambaram roads. Around 250 people were fed by our volunteers.

Our volunteers with collected rice during distribution, Kadaperi colony August 2020
Activity-2 August 2020

On August 2nd, via group of Sanitary workers, Mr.Mahesh , our volunteer who is their supervisor too, collected Rice from people of Perungulatur and Peerkankaaranai for one week.They succeeded in collecting around 120 Kgs. We distributed the collected rice to people living in huts near Tambaram.

250 roadside people were fed (along with mineral water bottles) August 2020
Activity-3 August 2020

In August, 250 roadside people were fed (along with mineral water bottles) along the Tambaram and Chrompet roads.

Our Volunteers Tamil selvan (from top left), Mahesh and Thamizh feeding the roadside during the months of July, August and September. July 2020
Activity-1 July 2020

Starting from July 19th until October, food was provided for around 150 – 250 roadside people with the involvement of our volunteers. 1.Thamizh Selvan 2. Tamil selvan 3.Mahesh

Our Volunteer Mr.Purushothaman (top left), donating blood on World Blood donors day June 2020
Activity-1 June 2020

On June 15th, Mr.Purushothaman donated blood in the Cuddalore G.H (Government Hospital).

Volunteering During Corona June 2020
Activity-2 June 2020

Mr.Purushothaman volunteered in arranging corona ward in Krishnaswamy College, Cuddalore.

Donated provisions of Oil, tea powder, dhal, sugar, rice,etc May 2020
Activity-1 May 2020

Mr.Purushothaman and Mr.Krishna raj donated provisions (Oil, tea powder, dhal, sugar, rice,etc) for three Auto driver’s families and four daily wagers families.

Donated 25 liters of Oil to the Municipality Office as per the request April 2020
Activity-1 Apil 2020

On 21st April, Mr.Purushothaman and Mr.Krishna Raj took off in Cuddalore and donated 25 liters of Oil to the Municipality Office as per the request.

Collection of old clothes from various houses in Chennai April 2020
Activity-2 March 2020

On April 19th, Our volunteers collected old clothes from various houses in Chennai and distributed among the Roadside people residing in tents at Tambaram Sanatorium Bus Stand.

Occasion of Mr.Thamizh’s birthday April 2020
Activity-3 Apil 2020

On the occasion of Mr.Thamizh’s birthday (18th April), he provided lunch for Akshaya Old age home (costed about Rs.3500/-). Simple trust provided Rs.2500/- worth of Oats to the elderly from Akshaya old age home on the same day.

Volunteered in collection and distribution of food from various NGO teams April 2020
Activity-4 April 2020

Mr.Thamizh Selvan took off in Chennai and volunteered in collection and distribution of food from various NGO teams. He managed to collect Rice, oil and other basic necessities and distributed them among Daily wagers, shopkeeper families of Marina and Besant Nagar Beaches with the help of local person Mr.Muthu. These amenities were supplied continuously from March to July for about 300 families.

Southern Chinese Restaurant continued feeding people via our volunteers April 2020
Activity-5 Apil 2020

Southern Chinese Restaurant continued feeding people via our volunteers. On April 3rd, they provided food to the construction workers, house maids, shopkeepers, security workers, cleaning staff of various corporate companies. Our volunteer Mr.Thamizh, Mr.Napoleaon Mr.Miran from Southern Chinese restaurant distributed food to about 250 people in total that night.

Simple trust donation provisions (Rice, dhal, oil, chilli powder, salt, etc) worth Rs.2000/- March 2020
Activity-1 March 2020

On 31st March , with collected funds, Simple trust donated provisions (Rice, dhal, oil, chilli powder, salt, etc) worth Rs.2000/- which could feed them for next 2 months to Dheepam Home for Blind which supports about 20 working blind people

Simple Trust funds collection March 2020
Activity-2 March 2020

Simple Trust collected funds and provided lunch to about 50 roadside people on 27th March, the Day 3 of lockdown.

Lockdown Days March 2020
Activity-3 March 2020

There were lot of people starving due to lockdown and our volunteer Mr.Thamizh took this news to Mr.Napolean and his team from Southern Chinese restaurant, Anna Nagar. They agreed to feed people and provided hundred roadside residing people with food on 26th night and our people volunteered in pick up and distribution.

Our volunteers Mr.Prakash and Mr.Purushothaman handing over cheque to Ms.Keerthana March 2020
Activity-4 March 2020

Financial aid is provided to Ms.Keerthana for pursuing higher education in B.Sc Maths.

Food provision for Akshaya Trust March 2020
Activity-5 March 2020

Provided food to Akshaya Trust, an Old age home in Tambaram, Mudichur. Food was served to all the elderly people by own hands of our volunteers. A cheering event was also conducted for them. Our Volunteer team joined and cheered them with dance and music.

Huge number of Students gathered at St.Joseph School ground during the event Maramum Matramum 3.0 Feb 2020
Activity-1 Feb 2020

Our Trust’s Environment wing had conducted tree planting event Maramum Matramum 3.0 on 23rd of February in St.Joseph’s School and College, in the city of Cuddalore. We had Mr.Nandakumar I.R.S , as our honorable chief guest. Students from various schools and colleges were made to form a Silhouette of Former President of the India, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam , the missile man. Our chief guest Mr.Naandakumar delivered speech about our Great former President Dr.Kalam sir. He detailed about Kalam’s Vision 2020 and the role of youngsters in it. As main event, about 500 seed balls were given to the students and youngsters to plant.

Blind school teaching Volunteering Feb 2020
Activity-2 Feb 2020

On February 2nd, our people volunteered in teaching English, Mathematics, Science , Economics and statistics to the children of Blind school studying 10th and 12th standards. We provided them exam preparation support for two weekends.

Distribution of blankets for the roadside people> Jan 2020
Activity-1 Jan 2020

While distributing the blankets to the roadside people, our volunteers found a Beggar’s family with two kids (one baby aging only months) living in platform without even basic necessities. Our volunteers acted quickly, bought and supplied them with basic amenities, especially fulfilled baby needs.

Our Volunteers Mr.Thamizh Selvan and Mr.Purushothaman carrying food to the roadside people Jan 2020
Activity-2 Jan2020

Distribution of Food and Blankets to the Roadside people residing along the routes of Tambaram to Chromepet in Chennai.

Our Volunteers serving food the children of Aadhishwarar Children’s home Jan 2020
Activity-3 Jan 2020
Our volunteers with children from Good life Orphanage holding T-shirts Jan 2020
Activity-4 Jan2020

Our Volunteers Thamizh, Shakthi and team provided T-shirts and snacks to about 60 children of the Good life Orphanage, Tambaram, Chennai on 11th Jan 2020.